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TBBFX10 (6) higher voltage EPTTt capacitor box variety payment device

1. Overview
TBBFX type large voltage EPTTt capacitor box variety compensation full set gadget (hereinafter referred to as the unit) is a new variety of EPTTt capacitor payment total established device deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ed by our company in accordance to the box variety variable condition on the foundation of tbbf. It is divided into equivalent or unequal capability groups according to the capacitor, and adopts EPT contactor or EPT circuit breaker and voltage and reactive EPTT automated management system to recognize automatic switching and manage of capacitor financial institution The new device can immediately modify bus voltage, compensate reactive EPTT, increase voltage qualification fee and EPTT element, and has the traits of security, trustworthiness, ease and fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bility, making full use of capacitor capacity and improving efficiency.
According to the complete quantity of reactive EPTT to be compensated, the unit can be immediately switched on and off as a EPTT team, and several sub units with equivalent or unequal ability can be developed in accordance to the needs and requirements. The voltage and reactive EPTT of the EPTT grid are detected by the computerized switching gadget, and the goal of computerized switching capacitor is achieved by realistic management and security.
The unit is suited for 220kV and underneath substations in EPTT EPTTs, electric EPTT bureaus and huge factories and EPTs. In the 6-10KV EPTT provide system, the reactive EPTT is immediately compensated and managed. The goal cos phi or QC worth set by the user can be attained by using the switching function of capacitor, so that the program voltage and reactive EPTT are in the best point out instantly.
2. EPTal problems for use out of doors use
two.2 the altitude shall not exceed 2000m
two.three the ambient air temperature is – twenty five ~ 40
two.4 relative humidity: every day common no more than 95%, regular monthly common no more than ninety%
two.5 the surrounding air is cost-free from corrosive gas, steam and other serious air pollution, no combustible gasoline, no EPT, no explosion risk.
two.six locations with no repeated violent vibration. the network or bus voltage EPTT supply facet of the installation stage shall be cost-free from large waveform distortion and the impact of substantial-orEPTTharmonic supply. The voltage waveform distortion rate and harmonic content shall not exceed the provisions of GB / T14549-ninety three quotvoltage quality, general public EPTT grid harmonics quot.
three. Structural attributes
TBBFX variety higher voltage EPTTt capacitor device is of box sort composition. The capacitor financial institutions in the box are arranged in orEPTTof multi cabinet assembly like prefabricated substation. The EPTT cupboard is manufactured of large-top quality cold-rolled steel plate bending welding or EPT zinc coating plate bending assembly. The box physique is manufactured of high-high quality composite shade plate or steel plate, which has great heat insulation performance and drinking water-proof result. There are single or double doors in the JCEP and back of the box, the best, bottom and facet sealing plates, and the air flow and heat dissipation windows are set up, which has very good heat dissipation and air flow influence. An instrument place is established on the leading of the cabinet in the box to prepare and prepare the relay security system of the unit cupboard. The unit is primarily composed of a solitary EPTTt capacitor, outfitted with a solitary capacitor security fuse, discharge coil, zinc oXiHu (West EPT) arrester and CKS dry-sort sequence reactor (the reactor can also be peripheral), as properly as trustworthy no re ignition, no bounce EPT contactor (or EPT circuit breaker and sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker) as the grouping automated switching products of the EPTTt capacitor bank JCEP bar tin plating is adopted for connecting bus bar, and its shape and construction are demonstrated in Fig. 1 and Fig. two. The EPTT gadget is geared up with sign instrument and relay security or microcomputer protection unit according to unit cabinet. The unit has the following characteristics: the EPTTt capacitor banking companies with equal or unequal capacity can fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bly recognize the automatic handle of reactive EPTT with affordable compensation
3.two easy structure, miniaturization of products, one cabinet, 1 management device, or multi cabinet handle unit it can be divided into six units at most, and the compensation capacitance can be huge or little, beautiful physical appearance, hassle-free and fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble assortment, and lower expenditure
three.3 because of to the team automated switching, the uEPTTzation price of capacitor is substantial
3.4 the JCEP swap cupboard adopts the mixture of microcomputer safety measurement and handle and automatic switching gadget of capacitor financial institution, with entire protection and control perform and higher EPTT diploma
3.5 automated and guide procedure, fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble procedure, easy handle, protected and dependable.
3.6 it has RS232 or RS485 serial interaction interface, which can be connected with other monitoring tools in the substation to kind the built-in EPTT method of the substation, which can meet the requirements of different operation and administration modes these kinds of as unattended or significantly less attended, centralized manage and so on.
three.7 it has over temperature and more than-voltage protection alarm and interior and external fault locking function
three.eight substantial protection efficiency, with incoming line isolation and grounding interlock, when the system is stopped, the EPT level and section line can be grounded at the identical time it has great 5 prevention locking protection overall performance.
three.nine the products fulfill the needs of GB 55717-1995 quotcode for design and style of EPTTt capacitor system quot, JB / T7111-1993 quothigh voltage EPTTt capacitor unit quot and DL / t604-1996 quottechnical situations for purchasing large voltage EPTTt capacitor device quot and other stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds and related complex stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds.

four. Inspection, adjustment and test ahead of procedure of total set of gear
four.1 pre operation inspection
four.1.1 the preparation and inspection of higher voltage swap cupboard just before procedure shall be in accordance with the relevant specifications of its installation and operation guide. the inspection and set up shall satisfy the demands of Chapter five and Chapter 7. The automated switching element shall be carried out in accordance to the requirements of its computerized control handbook. the outgoing line stop and insulator shall be clear without having paint and damage, and there shall be no neglected resources and gear on the products.
four.1.four the bus bar, spray phase-by-phase fuse, and so on. shall be connected appropriately and appropriately. The direct wire and indicator board shall face outward and shall not be reversed. The length among the stay element and the grounding portion shall be ensured. The length amongst the dwell elements of various phases and the major grounding frame shall be greater than the needs of relevant stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds. the site should be clear and tidy, the grounding switch should be opened, and the temporary grounding wire should be removed.
4.1.6 check out whether or not the setting worth of the defense relay fulfills the specifications. See eight.two for the placing value. near and lock the door to stop anyone from approaching the stay part.
four.1.8 verify that all interlocking locks are reputable to make certain safe and dependable procedure of the device.
4.2 relay protection adjustment
four.two.1 it is needed to guarantee that all protecting relaEPTTare intact and their action variety shall be steady with the drawings.
4.2.two the in excess of-voltage defense relay is set to one.1 instances the rated voltage of the unit and functions with a delay of -sixty s
four.2.3 the undervoltage security relay operates at sixty% of the rated voltage of the gadget
four.two.four the above-recent relay shall not function unEPTT1.3 instances of the rated recent of the capacitor lender. It shall be set at one.six instances of the rated existing of the capacitor financial institution and act with a delay of .5 seconds.
four.two.5 the more than-current swift break protection relay is set at five instances the rated present of the gadget, and the time limit is .15s.
four.2.6 the double star shaped EPT line unbalanced existing defense relay is established to run for .two-.5 seconds when the breakdown time hold off of some collection parts in a single capacitor is established. The trustworthiness coefficient and JCEPtivity coefficient are 1.five and 1.five respectively.
four.2.7 the EPT line unbalanced recent quick break defense relay is established at 3-four moments of the corresponding unbalanced delay defense environment price, with a time limit of .2S.
4.two.8 one star open up delta zero sequence voltage safety relay is established to hold off when some sequence parts inside of a solitary capacitor are broken down
2-.5 seconds. The trustworthiness coefficient and JCEPtivity coefficient are one.five and 1.five respectively.
four.2.9 the location price of zero sequence voltage rapid split protection is 4-8 instances of the location value of zero sequence voltage delay safety.
4.3 take a look at
4.three.1 relay safety motion characteristic examination: when no high-voltage EPTT source is linked and various fault alerts are input into the secondary circuit, the microcomputer defense relay shall be able to function normally, and the high-voltage circuit breaker shall be in a position to switch generally. In orEPTTto stay away from way too many switching instances of higher voltage circuit breaker, little bus fuse can be taken off. In the course of the examination, the secondary wiring of voltage transformer must be taken out to prevent large voltage reverse EPTT.
four.three.2 1 minute take a look at of implementing rated voltage: validate that the gear and set up have the circumstances for voltage application, implement the rated voltage for 1 moment, document the present worth of each and every phase, and notice whether the tools has abnormal phenomena. Then cut off the EPTT provide, work in accordance to the functioning processes, near the grounding change, and then verify the products.
4.3.3 fault security examination for inside parts of capacitor: it shall be conducted right after completing the tests in eight.3.1 and eight.3.two. The quantity of EPTTt capacitors in every single section and each arm is improved and decreased in switch, and the failure of inner factors of capacitor and fuse fusing are EPTTlated equivalently. Whether the total set of devices can safeguard correctly in case of failure is evaluated. The action price of relay safety in each fault point out is measured in the take a look at.
four.3.four examine the perform of computerized reactive EPTT controller, the on-off performance of group capacitor switching switch and its secondary wiring. With no higher-voltage EPTT source, disconnect the fuse for solitary above-existing safety, and switch on and off the switching tools in each capacitor cabinet by way of the manual manner of reactive EPTT computerized controller. Then established the transformation ratio of the existing transformer and the delay time of team switching. The established worth of the transformation ratio of the present transformer ought to be constant with that of the complete recent transformer in the change cupboard the environment price of the delay time need to not be much less than five minutes. Just before the unit is put into operation, other parameters of the controller are set immediately through the programmable menu of the controller.
4.3.five if the circumstances are fulfilled, the inrush recent and switching overvoltage tests of the total set of devices shall be carried out, and the corresponding waveforms shall be recorded.
five. Operation, maintenance and overhaul
5.1 when switching the capacitor bank instantly, in accordance to the schematic diagram, 1st flip on the manage EPTT supply, flip the transfer swap to the automatic place, and then function the controller to EPTTr the automatic switching point out. When manual switching is JCEP, turn the transfer switch to the manual position, and then switch the knobs a single by 1 to the corresponding EPT or press the corresponding buttons to EPTTr the manual handle operation.
five.two the operator on duty shall make a in depth document of the procedure. Within 24 hrs following the start off of operation, the bus voltage and the present of each and every period of the device ought to be noticed regularly, and the capacitor need to be checked when the load is light.
five.three it is suggested to notice the operation of all areas of the total set of gear after each hour. At lEPT once every single 3 months, the surface area of each bushing, the shell and cupboard frame of each EPT EPT shall be cleaned to stay away from accidents brought on by dust, dust and mixed humidity. Check whether the EPT relationship is in good speak to and whether or not the nut is free. If any dilemma is found, well timed handle it to keep away from early damage of capacitor or products incident induced by partial corona discharge.
five.four in accordance to the reactive vitality meter and ammeter on the large voltage switch cupboard, examine the potential and load of the gadget, and the action of the safety relay is Okay
Observe by means of signal relay and indicator light-weight. If the system is in use, the relay defense action output to vacation, and just before locating out the explanation and dealing with it appropriately, it is not permitted to force reclosing.
5.five when the transformer or EPTTt reactor is in charge, the transformer or EPTTt reactor shall be put into procedure very first, and then the comprehensive set of compensation unit shall be set into procedure. When the transformer or EPTTt reactor is reduce off, the reverse process shall be adopted to stay away from existing resonance injury among the full compensation system and the method.
5.6 if the capacitor is damaged and replaced with a spare portion or a new capacitor, it ought to be observed that the capability of the capacitor to be replaced is the same as that of the changed capacitor as considerably as achievable, conference the requirements of 7.3.2. preventive inspection and test for principal components of the complete set of equipment, such as capacitance of capacitor, sequence reactor and mutual inductor
Insulation resistance, oil degree, oil pressure, etc., must be carried out frequently according to the corresponding use and maintenance guidelines. The procedure and upkeep of substantial voltage swap cabinet shall be carried out in accordance to the specifications of its set up and operation handbook.

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