Flexible Jaw Coupling

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Features and parameters :

1. Coupling assembled by pressing a polyurethane sleeve into hubs on both sides

2. Could absorb the vibration, parallel, angular misalignments, and shaft end-play

3. Resistance to oil and electrical insulation

4. Identical clockwise and anticlockwise rotational characteristics

5. Three different hardness sleeves are available

6. clamp type


Size Hard of Spider Allowable speed (min-1) Torque (Nm) Torsional stiffness (Nm/rad) Moment of inertia (kg.m2) Mass (g)
Rated torque(TKN) Max torque (TK max)
JM30T 92A 25000 7.5 15.0 114.6 2.8×10-6 110.0
98A 12.5 25.0 171.9
64D 16.0 32.0 234.2
JM40T 92A 16500 10.0 20.0 1090 20.4×10-6 290.0
98A 17.0 34.0 1512
64D 21.0 42.0 2560
JM55T 92A 12200 35.0 70.0 2280 50.8×10-6 700.0
98A 60.0 120.0 3640
64D 75.0 150.0 5030
JM65T 92A 10500 95.0 190.0 4080 200.3×10-6 1130.0
98A 160.0 320.0 6410
64D 200.0 400.0 10260
JM80T 92A 8650 190.0 380.0 6525 400.6×10-6 2360.0
98A 325.0 650.0 11800
64D 405.0 810.0 26300










1. Payment: By T/T or Western Union or Paypal

2. Lead time:5-7 working days, subject to the order quantity.

3. Delivery ways: by air or by sea


Our Service:

1. The coupling is available with or without a keyway(including spline and flat key ).

2. The couplings’ surface processing: Anodizing, Black processing, and Electroplating

3. Material: Aluminum alloy 6082 &7075, Stainless steel 303 &304, and steel.

4. Screw:Class 12.9

5. Customized design is available. OEM and ODM are welcome.

6. Exclusive and unique solutions can be provided to our customers by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.

Application of Zero Backlash Elastomer Insert Elastic Jaw Flexible Shaft Coupling

CNC machine, CNC lathes, CNC machine center,

CNC milling machine ,engraving machine, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery,

petroleum machinery, Chemical Machinery, Hoisting Machinery,

Transport Machinery, water pump, Fan, etc


Advantage of Zero Backlash Elastomer Insert Elastic Jaw

Flexible Shaft Coupling

1.Elastomer connecting in the middle

2.Can absorb vibration, compensates for radial, axial and angular deviation

3.Oil resistance and electrical insulation

4.Have the same characteristic of clockwise and anticlockwise rotation


In addition to jaw couplings being considered fail-safe and all the other advantages already discussed above (damping capacity, chemical resistance, etc.), jaw couplings are considered maintenance-free as they do not require lubrication. Unlike gear, grid, or chain couplings that require periodic re-greasing… as long as the spider remains intact, the dog coupling will continue to operate without additional maintenance.

The traditional form of jaw coupling transmits torque through a compressed elastically flexible element (meaning the star leg is crushed). From an elastic element standpoint, this is preferable for torque transmission, as elastomers can generally take more punishment and load (including handling peak loads) when compressed (squeezed) than alternatives.. …this is shearing (being pulled or stretched).

Given that the claw coupling is widely accepted as the basis of industrial couplings, the ultimate benefit of this design is that there are now a large number of specialized claw coupling variants for almost every industry you can imagine. . Provide great design flexibility for equipment designers, maintenance engineers, etc.

Agknx Engineering offers a variety of jaw couplings that act as flexible couplings with an additional failsafe feature. Jaw couplings can be comprised of an elastomer or spider sandwiched between two hubs. These couplings are easy to install and provide a failsafe feature in their continued capacity to transfer torque in the event elastomer failure. For additional information about jaw couplings, contact our team directly.